How do you make your items?
  • We are a husband and wife team.  We create all of our items together.
  • Our items are natural as described in the listings (these are farm raised). Items are either painted, glittered, or sealed with acrylic spray to protect the starfish, shells, and or sand dollars.
  • We NEVER collect anything alive from the sea;  this is an illegal act. There are many forums and websites about the proper way to collect shells from beaches.  We’d be happy to point you in the right direction for forums and information about shell collecting if your are unsure.
I need my item(s) NOW.
  • Processing times vary from 2-4 business days. For large orders, please allow up to a week for us to create your order.
  • The majority of our items are handmade, made to order.  We do try to ship before the scheduled due date, however, we are human, and life and stuff  do occur. If there is an issue with your order on our end, we will let you know immediately.  During the rush of the holiday season, please allow the full amount of time to create and process your order.  
  • Choosing expedited shipping does not mean I will make your order first and will ship same day.  Orders are processed in the way that they are received and processing times.
  • Please remember that we are a small, handmade, custom business, and work on the order in the way that they are received.
What are your refund policies?
  1. No refunds or exchanges will be allowed after 15 days of receipt for customized items. Refunds will be issued when the returned item is received by me. After return acceptance, item must be returned within 15 days (original packaging is preferred) for a refund or exchange. After this time, refund may not be eligible.
  2. Non-custom orders have 30 days from receipt of item to return; once accepted, item must be returned in 30 days.
  3. If your item looks used, regardless of custom or not, refund will be 50% of item or less.
I ordered this by mistake/I don’t want it anymore, how can I return it?
  1. If you have placed an order by accident, please cancel within 24 hours.  Select “cancel order” for reason, if another option is selected for cancel, the buyer will be directed to select the proper ‘cancel order’ option.
  2. If you are unsatisfied with the item you received, please let me know within 3 days of receipt. After 15 days after delivery, request for return will be handled as a regular return.
My order is mark ‘undeliverable” and is being shipped back to you (the seller), now what?
  • If your order is received back to us due to an ‘undeliverable address’, we will refund your order, minus shipping expenses.
What do I do if my order arrived damaged and or broken?
  1. Photo of proof of damage must be provided for refund or replacement to be sent.
  2. Items are packaged very thoughtfully and with care. If an item is broken during shipping, please let me know ASAP or within 3 days of receipt.
  3. All toppers and garland are sent with this guideline.
How do I care for my starfish garland when it is outside?
  • Starfish garland can be used for outdoor areas.
  • If used outdoors, spray with acrylic spray to help seal and protect the starfish. Prolong wet weather will cause the starfish to yellow, be soggy, and will damage them.
  • Bring indoors for extreme wet weather. If starfish get wet, allow to dry completely out of direct sunlight.
What tree topper size is best for my Christmas tree?
These are suggestions to tree sizes. Please use your best judgment for what size of topper will work best for your tree; considerations should include: height and girth of your tree. *Your tree top branch (where the topper will fit) MUST be at least the size topper. If it is not tall enough to support, your topper will flop over**PLEASE NOTE: LARGER TOPPERS ARE HEAVIER; MAKE SURE THE TOP OF YOUR TREE IS MORE THAN THE HEIGHT OF THE TOPPER TO INSURE PROPER BALANCE.**
  • 4-5 Inches – Mini to 4 ft trees
  • 5-6 Inches – Mini to 4 ft trees, occasional 5ft
  • 6 Inches – 4 to 5ft trees
  • 7 inches- 4-6 ft trees
  • 7-8 inches – 5-6 ft trees
  • 8 inches – 6 ft trees
  • 9 inches – 6 to 8 foot trees
  • 10 inches- 7-9 foot trees
Our Starfish Tree Topper info:
  • All natural toppers are finished with acrylic spray.
  • Our glitter option helps provided a further protection and sealant to the tree toppers.
  • All painted and glitter options help protect and seal the starfish.
  • *We do suggest keeping the topper in a less humid area of your home.
  • * Sugar and Caribbean starfish will fade in direct, natural sunlight.