Holiday Season Recap

Happy New Year Everyone!

It was a busy holiday season! We have added more options for tree toppers, ornaments, and garland.

Our most popular tree toppers this year was the Double Starfish Tree Topper with knobby starfish and Sugar Starfish Tree Topper.

  Sugar Starfish Christmas Tree Topper  Double Starfish Tree Topper with Knobby Starfish

Other popular ones were the Knobby Starfish, Triple Starfish, Caribbean, Mirrored Starfish, and Double Finger.

  download (2)  il_570xN.863671109_9tk0  Double Mirrored Starfish Tree Topper10 

At the close of the holiday season, we have added 9 new toppers! Variety of colors and options that will please anyone. We have also started to offer smaller options for those with smaller tree sizes.

Our small Turquoise Knobby Starfish, Double finger, and Red Jungle Starfish tree topper are perfect for small trees.

  Jungle Starfish Christmas Tree Topper  Turquoise Small Knobby Tree Topper2  Small Double Finger Starfish Tree Topper - Copy

To view all of our tree toppers, click here for a direct link.

Our most popular ornaments this year were Turquoise & Teal Starfish, Glittered Sand Dollars, triple set, and Gold Tip Starfish Ornaments.

  Sand Dollar Ornaments Glittered2 Starfish Ornaments, Gold Tip4 Teal Starfish Ornaments

We have added smaller glittered sand dollar ornaments, variety of glittered starfish and shell ornaments,  and turquoise knobby starfish ornaments.

   Sand Dollar Ornaments Sm1

Along with the ever popular Double Starfish tree topper, our extremely popular starfish garland was a huge hit.  With lots of variety of lengths to choose from, there is one to fit everywhere in your home! 5ft lengths are great for wall, curtain, and fireplace decor. Our longer lengths, 7ft, 10ft, 13ft, are great for decorating stair railings, curtains, and weddings.


We have added a more colorful option to the 5ft garland, which will look great on the Christmas tree, and great for parties, and outdoor living space.

  Blue Starfish Garland  Turquoise Starfish Garland1

These options are available year round! Don’t wait until last minute this coming Christmas to decorate your home!

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