Looking for gift ideas?


Having a difficult time finding a gift? We have lots of gift ideas that are easy and fun!12188746_909855121545_1106700157_n

Our large burlap beach bag is great for any beach goer! Choose from a variety of styles that will suit anybody’s style! Our finger starfish bobby pins are a great addition to your beach themed gift! Comes in sets of 2, so you can gift one (and keep one for yourself), or gift both!

Need something a little bit more simple? Knobby starfish magnets come in white organza bags and are ready to gift right out of the box! Use as a stocking stuffer with a note, or use as party/wedding favors. Our heart shaped beach stones are a unique gift that anyone can appreciate! Each is naturally made and no two are a like! Cork coasters are also simple and great gift idea! Choose from a variety of styles or create your own set!

Hope this has provided some help in unique and fun gift ideas!

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