Thinking about your next tropical getaway?

No matter where you live, I’m sure you’re always thinking about your next vacation.  And if you’re like me, it 99.9% involves a beach. With every vacation, you feel the need to buy something new; bathing suit, outfit, hat, jewelry, shoes, etc.  And we can help you with some of your accessory choices.12182351_910171342835_1360488802_n

Our large burlap beach bag, comes in many different designs to met your style.  With the natural holes in burlap, sand can easily escape and not be trapped in, cause a huge mess on the floor or car. It is also large enough to fit a large beach towel.  If you’re going somewhere and you know you will be shell collecting, check out our burlap tote.

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Now for accessories. All of our bracelets are beach themes. There is a style and color for everyone. To match those starfish and sea shell bracelets we have bobby pins and barrettes to match.  My personal favorite is the finger starfish bobby pin. It is simple and elegant, and stands out nicely in any hair style.


There are the sugar and knobby starfish bobby pins as well, that go well with any outfit or accessory. Limpet bobby pins add a pop of color and class with the pearl inside. We also have starfish pins that would work well in a fedora.

Whether you are planning your next getaway, or just looking forward to the summer, we have lots of accessories to support your beach lifestyle.



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